Why do we need your volunteering?

To make human life better, we need your help

We all work as a volunteer team to serve the human being. We dream that our team will grow to expand our expectations of providing humanitarian assistance, building water wells, schools and health centers to support poor people in Chad. We are looking for what nurtures human thought and culture, believing that science is the one that elevates nations.

We want to transform all campaigns and projects into sustainable programs by transforming them into charitable investments in the bright future. We look at the distant horizon where the next generations live in order to achieve a better quality of life for them . The presence of a team of volunteers is very important both inside and outside the Republic of Chad, where this team will contribute to alleviating the suffering of humankind by contributing collectively all their expertise. Contribute with us what you may think it will help to achieve our vision . Contact us if you wish to volunteer:

+ (44) 7832-105886

 Or drop us an email :


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