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Urgent help needed for Halima

The 13 years old Halima Mohammed, a poor little girl from a rural village in Chad, suffering for 3 years from a growing eye tumour.

Imagine travelling across the desert for long hours and your only option is contaminated water!. This is the life of thousands of children, women and elderly in rural areas of Chad. Your generous donations in 2016 and 2018 helped us to build 36 water wells in rural areas of Chad which allowed thousands of people to get access to clean water.

Children in need in the desert, waiting to have a clean water to drink!

Thousands of Children dying daily in Chad because of unsafe water supplies!

Please continue to support us to make clean water accessible for those in need. One water well costs £650 but you can also donate partially towards a well and build in partnership with others paying any penny through the PayPal button on this page.

AL-Bir (SCIO) also accept Bank transfers to the official Barclays bank account:

Account Name: Al-Bir (SCIO)

Sort Code: 202924

Account number: 33284824

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